Jerusalem, July 21st 2011 - Erel Margalit, the founder and Chairman of Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP), has enlisted the backing of the French Government to support economic projects in Arab communities in Jerusalem, the Galilee and the Negev, following the successful establishment of Bethlehem Industrial Park.

Margalit held a festive event in the JVP Media Quarter, welcoming a delegation of French governmental officials, led by French President Sarkozy's special envoy to the Middle East, Valerie Hoffenberg. Mrs. Hoffenberg, who among her recent achievements is the establishment of the Bethlehem Industrial Park, joined the event in response to Erel Margalit's initiative for the French Government to promote economic projects in Jerusalem, the Galilee in the North and the Negev in the South of Israel.


The event was attended by both Jewish and Arab business and municipal leaders as well as councils and representatives of Arab associations, seeking to promote employment and opportunities for the Arab population throughout Israel.


Mrs. Hoffenberg was the orchestrator of the Industrial Park in Bethlehem, a joint venture between the French government, the Palestinian Authority and French and Palestinian business leaders, supported by the State of Israel and Israeli business leaders, including Mr. Margalit.


In the picture:

From left to right: Hamid Awad, a former school director; Valerie Hoffenberg, President Sarkozy's special envoy to the Middle East; Samir Samar, businessman and partner in Tamra's project, Erel Margalit, the founder of Jerusalem Venture Partner.