This electronic music and video project, at the Yaffo 23 Gallery, presents a live mix of the audio-video recordings made around Jerusalem in one week by seven artists. Experience the sights and sounds of the Old City, the city’s markets and its various neighborhoods and parks like never before.


The performance is divided into five Jerusalem cityscape themes: Nature, People, Industry, Religion and a mix of all themes together. You will be at the center of the performance space, sitting on cushions, while around you Jerusalem will be recreated by the artists. For each theme, the artists will improvise on the particular theme.


The project will hold two performances in Israel, after which the show moves on to France.


The artists are Thomas Koener (Germany), Kangding Ray (France), Avi Belleli (Israel), Rea Mochiach (Israel), Arik Futterman (Israel), Moran Guttman (Israel) and Emmanuel Witzthum (Israel).


To watch the Promo, please see below: