22 CEO's and industry heads, accompanying France's new Minister for Industry, Trade and Digital Economy visited the JVP Media Quarter in Jerusalem on January 30 to hear about entrepreneurship and venture capital in Israel.


The participants were especially interested in hearing about the JVP Media Labs, JVP's early stage media company incubator which unlike other incubators in Israel, is also part of the same Media Quarter, enabling the participants to hear about and see early stage investing in Israel as well as how companies later grow to become prominent players in the international market.


The participants were welcomed by Erel Margalit, JVP's Founder and Chairman who discussed JVP's strong partnership with the French economy and entrepreneurs, Gadi Tirosh, JVP's General Partner who discussed the Funds focus on digital media and Uri Adoni, one of the Partners' of the JVP Media Labs, who elaborated on the incubator.