JERUSALEM and LOS ANGELES, CA - (October 4, 2011) AnyClip Ltd. and Dailymotion, the world’s largest independent video and entertainment website, announced a strategic partnership that will bring AnyClip’s database of thousands of movies and 50,000 clips from licensed full-length feature films to DailyMotion’s hundreds of millions of users in the U.S. and around the world.


Beginning October 4th, Dailymotion’s 114 million monthly unique visitors will gain access to AnyClip’s library of over 50,000 clips of premium entertainment, including titles and clips from major movie studios such as Universal Pictures, Vivendi Entertainment and Indie distribution firms such as First Look and Virgil Films, among others. Through AnyClip’s tagging technology that extracts and indexes over 5,000 individual pieces of metadata from full-length feature films, Dailymotion users will be able to search for every detail from their favorite movies. Leveraging this unique data, Dailymotion users will be able to discover new content and re-live their favorite movie moments.


AnyClip is the only company tagging full-length feature films with its technology extending far beyond identifying physical objects – actors, objects, characters and places – by understanding the mood and emotional tone of a particular scene.


“Our partnership with Dailymotion grants us the unique opportunity to integrate our thousands of movies, and 50,000 film clips catalog with a platform that has 1.2 billion videos viewed per month, offering exposure to a vast worldwide audience,” said Oren Nauman, CEO of AnyClip. “We look forward to expanding our relationship with Dailymotion in the coming months to include even more great content for entertainment enthusiasts to enjoy. This is only the beginning of our strategy to bring fully licensed film content to distribution partners all over the Internet.”


“Given our shared dedication to enhancing the online video experience, our partnership with AnyClip makes perfect sense,” said Roland Hamilton, managing director of Dailymotion USA. “AnyClip’s intelligent tagging technology will give us better insight into our viewers’ behavior, while also allowing users to watch and search for their favorite movie moments, enriching their overall Dailymotion experience.”


AnyClip’s tagging technology, open API and syndicated player allows distribution partners to tap into movies and find new ways to enhance the overall value to consumers. The entertainment content we watch shapes our lives, influences what we buy, how we think, where we want to go and what we want to look like. AnyClip's proprietary meta-data and tagging technology connects entertainment to these emotions and allows distribution partners to enhance their existing user experience with licensed video content from top movie studios. Advertisers and brands now have a technology platform that understands every detail within a video being watched by a consumer online, so advertisements and experiences can be properly targeted to their desires, wants and needs. Tap into the movies and find new ways to enhance your business with