11 September 2011
Animation Lab made the top list of "Business Insider"- a U.S. business/entertainment news website, as one of the 20 international start-ups.

"Business Insider" writes, "The world is big, and Silicon Valley is no longer the center of innovation. This means a lot of innovative, strong startups are getting founded outside the US. And, maybe, just maybe, they're coming over to eat your lunch."


The list of top 20 start-ups includes companies from the US, Europe, Israel, India, and two each from Kenya and South Africa.


Animation Lab was founded at Jerusalem Venture Partners four years ago in Jerusalem. JVP Founder and Chairman Erel Margalit sought to gather together Israel's best creative minds and empower their work with state-of-the-art technologies.


Business Insider says, "Animation Lab has an ambitious plan to make animated feature films and be as successful as Pixar. It's currently working on its first film, The Wild Bunch."