A special JVP Bakehilla project, in cooperation with Animation Lab, was held at the JVP Media Quarter. The four-week-long project, "Creating Animation," exposed children to the process of making short animated films, and allowed them to create their own animated shorts.

Ittai Arbel, an Animation Lab Associate Producer, managed the project along with Matteo Shapira, CG supervisor, and Fernando Yache, Story Board Artist. The Animation Lab team explained how to turn an idea into illustrations and how to animate the images. The participating children were given storyboard pads to practice storyboarding themselves during their Passover vacation. After the vacation, the editors, Sharon Peleg and Inbal Elazari, created a video clip based on the kids’ illustrations. Afterwards, Sound Editor Gavin Goodvach added the final touches with appropriate music for each one of the clips.


The children not only learned a lot and enjoyed the project, but also gained a sense of pride last Thursday (May 5th) when they presented their own works of art to their parents, school principal, JVP Bakehilla representatives and the entire Animation Lab studio.



Pictures from the project can be seen below:



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