Thirty members of Gaon Holdings chief management and company CEO's visited the Media Quarter as part of their team-building retreat in Jerusalem. Moshe Gaon, Chairman of Gaon Holdings, initiated the visit knowing it would be a source of inspiration for vision driven management and an example of a unique combination of creativity, innovation and social action in the private sector. The group toured the Quarter, saw company demos and met with the JVP Investment Team and leadership. The final leg of the program was held at The Lab, where the executives heard of JVP’s social profit activities from artistic director Emanuel Witzthum, and Bakehila’s director, Barak Yazdy. Erel closed the session, tying together all the various activities of the Media Quarter, and explaining his vision that will give Jerusalem a new narrative as the creative center of Israel. Before returning home, the group enjoyed lunch at Shmil At The Lab, also located in the Media Quarter. Before departing, one of the CEO's expressed how impressed he was, saying that the visit was an eye-opening experience.


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