Parents day is an event that takes place three times a year (in the beginning, middle and end of the year) in order to introduce the service year volunteers' parents to the organization's activity, its ideology, and mainly showcase their children's significant work in the various neighborhoods.
On the last few Fridays the volunteers parents arrived from all over the country to Jerusalem (each parent visited the neighborhood where their son or daughter volunteer) and got to see their work up close. The parents learned about what's being done in the neighborhoods, visited the schools where their children volunteers, got acquainted with the organization's staff and participated in games and activities prepared for them and their children.
Yet it seems that the parents mostly got to hear high praise from anyone who encountered the volunteers. "The service year volunteers are like candy, you only want more and more", "because of the volunteers, I'm confident I'll succeed in school", "The volunteers are like an older sibling, only they don't hit me", "thank you, for raising such children". Compliments like these, and many more, where only a small part of the superlatives the volunteers received from the neighborhood's children, the schools' staff and more.
Founder of the organization, Knesset member Erel Margalit, summarized the various Parents days, "Your children are the essence of the incredible and qualitative youth we have in the country, and we can only thank them and wish to have more like them, in Jerusalem, and in general".