JVP Funds Companies

Correlor is using social data to deliver a completely new breed of web personalization and user engagement.

Jerusalem, Israel

uiu enhances the smartphone experience, allowing users to customize the device’s user-interface and suit their specific needs

Jerusalem, Israel

CrossReader is a content discovery service that enhances the information consumption on tablets, mobile and Internet browsers

Jerusalem, Israel

AnyClip Media offers publishers direct access to premium video content from Hollywood’s biggest studios and beyond


Jerusalem, Isarel

Celltick is a global leader in mobile initiated commerce, creating and managing mass market solutions for mobile operators.

Fremont, CA I Herzliya, Israel

Creates social and mobile games based on major box office films, changing the way film creators connect with their audiences

Los Angeles, CA | New York, NY | Tel Aviv, Israel

WiShi is a crowd-styling hub that allows users to share their real wardrobes and get styled by the community

Jerusalem, Israel

Powerful end-to-end technology platform to manage in-venue digital signage, mobile and social media.

New York, NY | Jerusalem, Israel

Delivers next-generation gaming straight to your TV and PC without a console

Caesarea , Israel

Rep’nUp uses state-of-the-art technology to help social networks users improve their online reputation

Jerusalem, Israel