JVP Funds Companies

Correlor is using social data to deliver a completely new breed of web personalization and user engagement.

Jerusalem, Israel

uiu enhances the smartphone experience, allowing users to customize the device’s user-interface and suit their specific needs

Jerusalem, Israel

CrossReader is a content discovery service that enhances the information consumption on tablets, mobile and Internet browsers

Jerusalem, Israel

Offers a Web service where you can find any moment of any film in pristine quality

Jerusalem, Isarel

Celltick is a global leader in mobile initiated commerce, creating and managing mass market solutions for mobile operators.

Fremont, CA I Herzliya, Israel

Creates social and mobile games based on major box office films, changing the way film creators connect with their audiences

Los Angeles, CA | New York, NY | Tel Aviv, Israel

WiShi is a crowd-styling hub that allows users to share their real wardrobes and get styled by the community

Jerusalem, Israel

Powerful end-to-end technology platform to manage in-venue digital signage, mobile and social media.

New York, NY | Jerusalem, Israel

Delivers next-generation gaming straight to your TV and PC without a console

Caesarea , Israel