Partners & Supporters

The “Bakehila” (“In the Community”) Program works to foster cooperation between residents, voluntary organizations and official bodies. Very little is accomplished without partners and collaboration within the various communities. 


Join us in strengthening our communities: 




  • The Jerusalem Education Supervisor
  • The Department of Society and Welfare in the Ministry of Education
  • The Division for the Advancement of Youth in the Jerualem Minicipality



  • Givat Gonen School (elementary)
  • Givat Gonen Leadership High School and Junior High School
  • Luria  School
  • Gilo United School for Science and Arts
  • Gilo Gimmel Ariel School
  • Gilo Aleph School
  • Makif Gilo High School and Junior High School
  • Neve Yaakov United School
  • Neve Yaakov Brandt School
  • Pisgat Ze’ev East Aleph School
  • Beit Zafafa Elementary School
  • Teddy Kollek Jonior High School
  • Makif Beit Zafafa High School and Junior High School
  • Tali Geolim  School
  • Zalman Aran School
  • Rehavia Hebrew Gymnasium


Community Centers

  • Adi Yafeh Gilo Community Council
  • Neveh Yaakov Community Council
  • Pisgat Ze'ev Community Council
  • Jerusalem Darom Community Council
  • Fanny Kaplan Youth Cultural Center
  • Haberer Community Center
  • Gonenim Community Center
  • Wizo Kagan Community Center
  • Beit Zafafa Community Council
  • Greater Baka Community Council
  • Beit Lazaros Community Center

Welfare Bureaus

  • Gonen Welfare Bureau
  • Southern Welfare Bureau
  • Gilo Welfare Bureau
  • Talpiot Welfare Bureau
  • Neve Yaakov Welfare Bureau

Third Sector